​Ballroom Dances
Foxtrot is characterised by it's smooth, controlled & stylish, yet playful look. It can be danced to a wide range of music but is particularly suited to mid tempo big band, jazz and swing. The Foxtrot was one of the most significant developments in all of ballroom dancing due to the combination of quick & slow steps which make it versatile & enjoyable to dance. “It Had to be You”- Harry Connick & “Witchcraft”-  Frank Sinatra are excellent examples of Foxtrot songs. Taught in Private lessons and Latin & Ballroom Group classes, Foxtrot is also a favourite for Wedding dances.
Waltz is distinguished by it's elegant, graceful & refined movements. It was was the first dance where couples embraced & faced each other and at it's inception in the early 1800's it was frowned upon by the church & older generations who considered it immoral & scandalous! Today Waltz is know as the "mother of all Ballroom Dances". Danced to 3/4 timing and traditionally the first Wedding Dance, "Moon River"- Andy Williams and "Fascination"- Nat King Cole are beautiful Waltz examples. Taught in Private lessons and Latin & Ballroom Group classes.
Tango is the most dramatic of the Ballroom dances due to it's staccato timing, low centre of gravity & striking dance positions. Tango emerged from the slums of Buenos Aires in the late 1800s but spread across the world in 1913, becoming so popular it even influenced the fashion of the day. Tango music has a distinct, dramatic marching sound typified by rolling drums and piano accordian sounds. Well known Tango examples include “Hernando’s Hideaway”- Archie Bleyer and “Jealousy”- Various Artists. Tango is taught in Private lessons and Latin & Ballroom Classes.
Viennese Waltz
Viennese Waltz is a fast paced rotary dance where, traditionally, dancers are constantly turning either right or left, whilst moving in a clockwise direction around the dance floor. The Viennese Waltz was the predecessor to the slower version which became the "Waltz" & is danced at a speed that is 3 times faster than the Waltz so requires balance, strength & endurance. Dance Souk teaches Smooth Viennese Waltz, in Private lessons, which allows more variety in patterns & dance positions. "Blue Danube"- Johann Strauss and "Carousel"- Rogers & Hammerstein are song examples.