​Latin (Rhythm) Dances
Rumba is known as the dance of love & has a romantic and flirtatious character. It is non progressive, characterised by Cuban hip movement & one of the easiest dances for beginners. Rumba is very popular with Wedding couples as it is perfect for slower, sensuous latin songs & also suitable for many contemporary love songs such as "Sign Your Name" - Terence Trent D'arby, "Fallen" - Lauren Wood and "Besame Mucho" - Xavier Cugat. Rumba is taught in Private lessons & Latin and Ballroom Group classes.
Cha Cha

Cha Cha is an energetc, infectious & cheeky dance which is non progressive and emphasises hip motion & rhythmic body movement. Cha Cha's catchy, syncopated rhythm gained enormous popularity in clubs & dance venues throughout the 1950s and 60s & is still a favourite today. Cha Cha can be danced to many uptempo Latin songs & some contemporary music such as "Smooth" - Santana,"Guantanamera" - Celia Cruz and "Lady Marmalade" - Moulin Rouge Soundtrack. Cha Cha is taught in Private lessons and Latin & Ballroom Group Classes.

East Coast Swing
East Coast Swing is a fun, rotating partner dance suited to rock ‘n’ roll, faster big band jazz & swing music. It's origins date back to the Lindy Hop of the 1920s. Over the following decades it evolved and was referred to as Jitterbug, Rock 'n' Roll, Eastern Swing & Swing. It was particulary popular during the 40s & 50s but is still a favourite today due to its versatility & energy. Songs suitable for East Coast Swing include “Shake Rattle & Roll” - Bill Haley, “Brown Eyed Girl" - Van Morrison and "How Sweet It Is" - Michael Buble´. Taught in Private lessons and Latin & Ballroom Group Classes.
Bolero is a slow, powerful & graceful parther dance which is unique as it can be danced with Cuban Hip Motion and/or Rise & Fall, Sway and dramatic body shapes. Originally a Spanish dance in 3/4 time it evolved into a Cuban form which is danced in 2/4 or 4/4 time. Bolero was introduced to the US in the 1930s and is enjoyed by dancers of today due to it challenging yet romatic look & feel. It is danced to very slow Latin songs & many contemporary ballads such as "Jesus to a Child" - George Michael and "Casi Un Bolero" - Rick Martin. Taught in Private lessons.
Samba is a lively, exuberant and happy partner dance derived from tradition Brazilian dance & rhythms. It is the only Latin/Rhythm dance which progresses around the floor & has a unique "tic' hip movement. Samba gained popularity worldwide in the 1930s due to it's inclusion in Hollywood movies such "Flying Down to Rio" - starring Fred Astaire & Dolores Del Rio and "That Night in Rio" - starring Carmen Miranda. Great Samba songs include "Mas Que Nada"- Sergio Mendes and "Whenever, Wherever"- Shakira. Samba is taught in Private lessons, Workshops & Special Courses.
Mambo (which also means Voodoo Priestess) originated in Cuba from a mix of Afro-Cuban & Latin American influences in the 1940s. It is one of the more challenging dances due to it's speed & timing. Two of the greatest legacies of Mambo are that it was the predecessor of the Cha Cha & Salsa. Mambo is danced to quick tempo, rhythmic latin music which has strong percussion, jazz elements & an accent on count "2". Examples include "Cuban Mambo"- Xavier Cugat & "Mambo Jambo"- Perez Prado. Mambo is taught in Private lessons, Workshops & Special Courses.