Other Dances

Salsa is one of the most popular partner dances around the world. It is an infectious, sexy style danced to music with an exciting rhythm and energy. There are many forms including LA, Cuban , Puerto Rican, Cali, New York, Miami & Rueda, however it is open to improvisation and thus it is continuously evolving. Some examples of Salsa music are “Mi Mujer Es Una Bomba”- Oscar D’Leon and “7 de Septiembre”- Orchestra De La Luz. At Dance Souk various forms of Salsa are taught in Private Lessons, Workshops and Dance Courses. Contact us to find out more 
Belly Dance
Belly Dancing is an empowering and liberating, yet fun dance style. Believed to be the oldest form of dance, originating in the Mediterranean, Middle East and North East Africa, it was traditionally performed for other women during formal events such as fertility rites or pre-marriage ceremonies. Not performed publicly until the early 20th century, today Belly Dance is used as a form of expression, a celebration of women & an incredible form of excercise, focusing on the torso in a feminine interpretation of the music. Belly Dance is taught in Group Classes and Workshops.
​Argentine Tango
​Argentine Tango is the predecessor to the Ballroom Tango. Originating in the late 1800s in Buenos Aires & Montevideo, Argentine Tango is distinguished by it's emotion, improvisation & nostalgic music. Argentine Tango is danced in an embrace that can vary, with the connection between the partners being of utmost importance. Argentine Tango music is more varied & melodic than Ballroom Tango with examples such as " Orillera"- Francisco Canaro and "Tangos de mi Ciudad"- Ricardo Tanturi. Argentine Tango is taught in Private Lessons, Worshops and Dance Courses.
Bachata, which originated in the Dominican Republic, is a sensual, romatic and relatively simple partner dance. It is danced to rhythmic, syncopated music played with lead, rhythm & bass guitar, percussion and drums. The dancers position can be very close, semi close or open. Unlike Salsa, Bachata dance does not usually include many complex turn patterns, but they have come to be used more and more as the dance evolves. Songs include "Darte un Beso"- Prince Royce and "Mi Santa"- Romeo Santos. Bachata is taught in Private Lessons, Worshops and Dance Courses.
Rueda de Casino
In Rueda de Casino couples form a circle and dance Salsa patterns that are called by the "líder". Most moves involve the swapping of partners, where the partners move around the circle to the next partner. The combination of elaborate dance combinations and constant movement of partners creates a visually spectacular effect. Rueda de Casino is very social, great for fitness & best of all... lots of fun! Rueda de Casino is taught in Dance Courses and Workshops.
​West Coast Swing
West Coast Swing is versatile, sexy, smooth & dynamic, often referred to as the "Lady's Dance" as the follower has more freedom to improvise than in most dances. Developed in California in the 40s, West Coast Swing is a descendant of Lindy Hop. It can be danced to a wide range of tempos and styles of music ranging from R & B, Blues, Country, Funk, Disco to Rock & Pop allowing dancers to express their musicality. "Mustang Sally"- The Commitments and "Sexy Back - Justin Timberlake are great song examples. WCS is taught in Private lessons, Workshops & Special Courses.
​Two Step
Two Step (aka Nightclub Two Step, Disco Two Step, NC2S or California Two Step) was initially developed in the mid-1960s. It is extremely verstaile as it can travel, be danced on the spot or a combination of the two and suitable for a wide range of music styles including Country, R&B, Ballads, Rock, Reggae & Smooth Jazz. Because of it's smooth, romantic yet relaxed feel it is a favourite for Wedding Couples. Song examples include "Lady in Red" - Chris De Burgh, "Tears In Heaven" - Eric Clapton. Two Step is taught in Private Lessons, Workshops and Dance Courses.
Hustle is a fun partner dance, which was originally a disco line dance. It incorporates elements of Latin & Swing dances & gained popularity in the 70s at the height of Disco with both the line & partner forms being depicted in "Saturday Night Fever. It can be danced to a wide range of mid to fast tempo music which has a driving even beat, making it a great party dance. Great songs for Hustle include "Hustle"- Van McCoy, "Can't Get You Out of My Head" - Kylie Minogue and "Jive Talking" - Bee Gees. Hustle is taught in Private Lessons, Workshops and Dance Courses.
​Samba Rock
Samba rock is a musical genre and dance style, created in the 60s, which combines Brazilian Samba, Bebop, Jazz, Soul and Rock n Roll. It is an infectious, fun dance which is great for beginners as it incorporates spins and turns while maintaining a relaxed feel. It is incredible popular in its home town of Sao Paolo & we are excited to offer this style at Dance Souk. Samba Rock songs include "Hard Work"- John Handy, "Katarina"- Grupo Encanto and "Carolina"- Seu Jorge. Also great for Wedding Couples, Samba Rock is taught in Private Lessons, Worshops and Dance Courses.
​Merengue is a popular dance style originating in the Dominican Republic. It is danced to Latin music which has a strong, driving march-like rhythm wuth dancers stepping on every beat. Partners can walk in all directions, circle each other, do separate turns, twists and create intricate patterns.  Although the tempo of the music may be frenetic & there is hip movment, the upper body is kept majestic and turns are slow. Song examples include "Oye"- Gloria Estefan, "Suavemente"- Elvis Crespo. Merengue is taught in Private Lessons, Worshops and Dance Courses.
​Brazilian Samba
Brazilian Samba is a musical genre and dance style originating in Brazil. Made famous by the Samba Schools that perform in the Carnivale of Rio de Janeiro, it was the forerunner to Ballroom (Latin) Samba. It's hypnotic rhythms, melodic intonations and playful lyrics are infectious. Samba is sexy, fun, energetic and individual. Typical musical examples include "Brasil"- Aracy Cortes. Samba is taught in Private Lessons, Worshops and Dance Courses.