Using the Barre, you will learn how to strengthen and lengthen your muscles and the fascia*. Influenced by the fantastic health benefits of Ballet this is an excellent class for those who want to improve their flexibility and use of barre as well as those who may have never danced and want to enjoy the fitness and body conditioning. You do not need to be flexible, or a dancer to attend, our expert teachers will guide each student individually based on their level and needs.
History of Barre: Barre was created in 1959 by an English Ballerina Lotte Berk. Berk originally came up with the concept after a back injury. To rehabilitate, Berk created an exercise system using the Barre. It has become a very popular form of body conditioning and is used all around the world.

Boogie Fit
Get ready for a new & fresh way to enjoy all the health benefits of dance while having a blast! Boogie Fit is for adults of all ages and dance abilities. Focusing on fun and fitness you will move your body to groovy beats in basic motions. Excellent for all fitness levels, you will see improvement in your stamina and strength that will ripple through all aspects of your life and your dance.
What should I expect? We want to encourage people of all fitness levels to attend. Our expert teachers will ensure each student is supported and comfortable and will alter the pace or movement depending on your level. In this class you will see self-improvement within only a few weeks! 

Yoga - Yin
Yin yoga is a passive practice perfect for beginners through to advanced Yogi’s. Yin yoga stretches and targets both the deep connective tissues between the muscles, and the fascia* throughout the body.
History of Yin Yoga: Yin Yoga’s original concept began in the 1970’s with Martial Arts expert and Taoist yoga teacher, Paulie Zink. It originated from the ancient Taoist health practices, philosophy, and spiritual traditions of China. The modern form of Yin Yoga was developed by Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers.
Health Benefits of Yin Yoga: Places you in harmony with the rhythm and flow of nature, increases circulation, improves flexibility, reduces stress & anxiety, balances internal organs, calms the mind & body, improves joint mobility, releases fascia*.

Yoga - Restorative
Restorative yoga is a practice that is all about slowing down and opening your body through stretching. Doing only a handful of poses throughout the class and using props, restorative yoga will calm and reset your mind and body. Restorative yoga is mainly for clients seeking repair to injury, stress or illness. Classes are small to ensure each client receives appropriate attention.
History of Restorative Yoga: B.K.S. Lyengar helped bring yoga to the West in the 1950s. He introduced a style of Yoga into his classes in which he used props to hold the body in positions for long periods of time instead of the body’s muscles. Judith Hanson Lasater later created an entire practice called restorative yoga in 2007, based on Lyengar’s ideas.
Health Benefits of Restorative Yoga: Aligning the physical and mental, enhance flexibility, recover from illness, injury or stress, boost immune system, balance nervous system, find where you hold stress, trim fat, quiet the mind.

Yoga - Vinyasa Flow
​Vinyasa is a warm and energetic style of yoga that links movement with the breath. Each action or position ‘flows’ to the next in smooth transitions seamlessly. A fun class that is excellent for beginners through to advanced Yogi’s. Enjoy fantastic health benefits including connecting your mind and body as well as cardio exercise.