What our students have to say...
"Choosing Lauren to help us put together our wedding dance was a no brainer. From the first lesson, learning the basics and choosing our song, we knew we were in good hands. We had so much fun putting together a dance that would show off our strengths and bring a bit of WOW to our night. Lauren was patient with us and took our assorted ideas and turned them into something beautiful - we couldn't be happier with the entire experience and couldn't recommend her expertise more highly. Thank you Lauren!"
Tim & Annie Baldock

"Steve and I couldn't have been luckier in finding Lauren as our dance teacher three years ago! She has taught us more than steps and posture but to love the act of dance and to enjoy dancing together. She has taught us to put steps together within a dance and to move between dance styles, capturing the spirit of each dance. But what we have valued most is the infectious enthusiasm, laughter, patience, and constant smile... If you want to do more than just 'learn' dance, then Dance Souk comes highly recommended!"
Angela & Steve Versteegh

"We have been dancing with Lauren Choukri for nearly five years.  First under her guidance as Dance Director at Firefly Dance Studio, and now as our actual teacher at her new studio Dance Souk.  We find her engaging, clear, supportive and highly knowledgeable.  She is a natural teacher who makes everything easy to learn – even the hard steps! Lauren has taken our dancing forward in all sorts of ways but most important for us, she makes it thoroughly enjoyable. We look forward to our lessons and always leave feeling energised and inspired to learn more. We can highly recommend learning to dance at Dance Souk."
Sarah & Gilbert Mane

"I have been dancing with Lauren Choukri for more than 2 years & was very excited when she opened Dance Souk in Cremorne. Lauren lives & shares her passion with all her students. Dance Souk is a fantastic space to learn and enjoy all aspects of dance. Lauren & her teachers are the best. They are nurturing & supportive & have helped me to achieve my goals in dance. It's very inspiring to have teachers who want you to reach your full potential. Apart from that, dance is uplifting, and has brought such joy into my life. It is also the best excercise for mental & physical wellbeing."
Patricia Rubie

"We commenced dancing with Firefly Dance Studio under the expert teaching of Lauren Choukri. We were total beginners. When Lauren started Dance Souk, we moved over with her because we were passionate about dancing but wanted to continue under the expert tutelage of Lauren. Lauren is truly amazing. She exudes love for her work, sincere interest in you, the student, and is extroadinarily insightful in picking the areas to change in order to improve. She is able to adjust her level of intensity of teaching to suit the capability of the student. she can dissect the issues, the moves, the skill required, in order to hone your dancing prowess. We cannot speak highly enough of Lauren Choukri truly a remarkably skilful dancing teacher. In addition she has developed a studio that is flexible and provides variey in its teaching. Whether it be private, group, party, outside shows or contests, it has everything."
Andrew & Carolyn Young

"I was lucky to discover an extraordinary place when I first encountered Dance Souk. I found myself dancing from the first few minutes in my lesson and my repertoire has continued to expand ever since. Latin, ballroom and tap! All well beyond my expectations. Lauren Choukri and her team are experienced, energised, caring, supportive, warm and encouraging teachers at all times. The studios are exceptionally well apointed and a great learning space. Classes are well structured and there are a wide range of offerings from private lessons, group classes and courses. I have been empowered to progress from private to group classes and to tap courses - from a starting point of being rather self-consciousness and not ready for group learning. A highly enjoyable social environment is well catered for each month - it is always a pleasure to attend these events. (I can't imagine myself saying this 12 months ago as I was scared of a ballroom dancefloor - especially an occupied one). I have also enjoyed the opportunity to meet dancers from other schools who sometimes attend. Dance souk has a very strong community and family environment. Students at all levels are all welcoming and friendly people and always willing to lend a hand and mentor those of us who are less steady in our steps. Thank you all for that. I have made some wonderful friends. Some fellow students have worked with Lauren for many years and travel a long way for classes at Dance Souk. The health benifits to me cannot be understated. I have a higher level of fitness and my posture has improved incredibly from dancing - benifits which are all well known. Just as importantly, though, has been the learning I have gained on correct posture, breathing and stance that my teacher has explained, encouraged, demonstrated and helped correct for me in lessons. I have learnt to breathe correctly and not had to be reminded to not hold my breathe as often as I did at first. I Dance often at Dance Souk because it is such a pleasure and there is always a sense of fun which is always accompanied by laughter. Smiles are often too. I have come a long way since I first called the Dance Souk office. This has been my little pleasurable secret, now one I am glad that I can share with you!"
Rowley Hilder