Wedding Dance Lessons

The Bridal Dance is a very special moment in your Wedding Day. At Dance Souk we absolutley love working with couples to make it a highlight that will touch your guests and that you will remember forever...for all the right reasons!

Our teachers will take the time to understand your expectations & goals and advise you on how to make you both look & feel your best. We will work within your budget and time frame to create a dance that is designed specifically for the two of you, to your chosen song. Don't worry if you haven't decided on the perfect music, we will help to find it. Whether you want one lesson to learn a couple of basic moves or several lessons to perfect a more elaborate dance we can make it happen. 

Our Brides & Grooms often comment that learning to dance together was the most enjoyable part of the wedding preparations. During what can be a very busy & stressful time, spending quality time together doing something fun is so beneficial. Several of our couples have loved it so much that they continue to dance together long after their special day.

What some of our couples have had to say about learning to dance with us...

"We smashed the dance, best lean and lifts we have ever done(or atleast we thought so, the video may tell a different story!). Our guests loved it & there was a lot of oooing & ahhhing going on. Thank you so much for teaching us how to dance, we enjoyed all of our lessons as you made it so much fun. PS Troy was totally hot on the dance floor!"
Sarah & Troy

"Thanks so much for your amazing help with the dance. It was the part of the day!!! We just loved it and cant wait to start dance classes again."
Hannah & Andy

"We are dying to come in and see you! And thank you properly!! But just wanted to let you knoe that the dance WENT OFF!!!!! Everyone was soooooooo impressed. We can't thank you enough! the dance was definitely the highlight! It was an amazinf day! LOTS OF LOVE!"
Georgie & Greg

"Just wanted to let you know that we had a fabulous time last night and the dance was perfect. Lots of cheering and amazment! Thank you so much for your patience and perseverance with us. It paid off!"
Tracy & Rob

"The dance went really really really well, thank you so much. We got so many compliments on our style. it was also great as it absolutely broke the dancing ice and got everyone in the mood. By the time we were done the dance floor just filled up."
Alison & Rob